Racemaster Horseboxes


Racemaster horseboxes are designed to be the safest, strongest 3.5 ton horsebox on the market. Its Unique spaceframe construction with inbuilt safety cell makes it an incredibly light but strong box.

We at racemaster believe the welfare of the horse is far more important than fitting unnecessary wizmos and gizmos to look fashionable. The racemaster has been around now for over 30 years and were designed originally as simple A to B transporters - as any 3.5 ton box should be.

With any 3.5 ton horsebox weight is at a premium so the addition of lots of extras such as cookers sinks and any unnecessary fittings will detract from payload. Racemasters are designed to be used on a daily basis and are the choice of the professional, as well as the hobby user because of their unrivalled durability.

There is No GRP in our builds so no worries about rotting. All our boxes are built to suit the needs of you and your horse; for example we make up to 9 different types of partitions from a full size stallion to a miniature type so whatever your needs we have something for you.